Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greenhouse gas predictions may be too modest

Greenhouse gas predictions may be too modest
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Al Gore may have given us a frightening picture of climate change and our future, but now new research suggests that even his predictions could be too modest, after an Israeli scientist discovered that cracks in the earth are emitting unrecorded greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This is the first time this phenomenon has been observed, and since gases from these cracks have never been included in previous measurements, the new findings could change the model of how science calculates the impact of greenhouse gases on climate change.

The discovery was made by hydrologist and soil physicist, Dr. Noam Weisbrod from Ben Gurion University. While he was studying fractures in the earth in the Negev Desert, he encountered an unusual phenomenon occurring on a daily basis - an unexpectedly quick accumulation of salt within fractures between flood events. The phenomenon was even more pronounced in winter. [READ MORE]

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T. Jefferson said...

Please do not refer to Al Gore’s predictions as being too modest. On the contrary. If anyone does even a tiny bit of research, one will find that he has exaggerated the “danger” of what used to be called “global warming.” Since that was not sticking, it was changed to “climate change,” a more palatable spin with the same agenda.

Google AL GORE IS A HYPOCRITE and you will find many dozens of articles that document his activities, his excessive use of electricity, fuel, etc., his conflicting speeches, his profit-making enterprises trading carbon credits, and, much more.

And remember, CO2 is NOT a pollutant as is claimed by the global warming cabal.
T. Jefferson