Friday, June 19, 2009

Giant NYC billboard shows carbon counter

Giant NYC billboard shows carbon counter

(AP) - How are those greenhouse gases doing?

New York City residents and visitors will be able to monitor the situation, thanks to a new giant billboard in Manhattan that features a carbon counter. Digital numbers help viewers track the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The 70-foot-high billboard is outside Madison Square Garden and Pennsylvania Station, not far from the Empire State Building. A widget also will be provided to Web sites and blogs around the world. [Read More]

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T. Jefferson said...

I respectfully disagree with this meddling by Deutsche Bank.

First, although the global-warming-is-a-myth deniers may not admit it, water vapor (that is, clouds) have about 1,000 time the effect of carbon dioxide of trapping infra-red radiation (greenhouse gas effect) from the earth. Ask any meteorologist. Second, it wastes electricity to run this useless sign. Carbon offsets DO NOT reduce pollution. It only produces additional pollution where the electrical generation takes place. Has anyone bothered to calculate the mean free path of the CO2 at the generator or of the oxygen of the trees to determine how many day, months, or years it takes to really offset the CO2 generated at the power plant? I doubt it.

And what about the energy used to manufacture the sign and billboard, transport it to the site, erect it, return the truck(s), etc, etc?

Additionally, what is the nature of the specific offset that Deutsche Bank is using? Who verifies that there is actually an offset? What is the percentage of CO2 in other countries? Has Deutsche Bank seen fit to post this in other nations, or is the U.S. the only villain?

The scientific evidence is NOT clear, as stated on the billboard. Carbon offsets is yet another myth.

T. Jefferson